I saw Torley post a few videos (iNudge demo and Fake stutter edit) on YouTube regarding a music program called inudge. I decided to try it out for myself and have some fun. It’s a bit simple. They say you can make songs, but in reality, it gets a bit repetitive. It would be much more interesting if it could change chords between each repition for a bit of variety.

I started wandering around and found that the makers (Hobnox) actually have a more detailed version called Audio Tool. Looking at a YouTube video tutorial for Audio Tool, I had thought it was probably a pretty expensive desktop application. Much to my surprise, it turned out to be a flash-based web application that is free to use. Just like inudge, it also has a tone matrix in addition to tools that look like electronics.

When I went to record the audio, it limited me to five minutes. I didn’t see a reason to record more than 15 seconds worth since the audio simply repeats itself. The next step, (to save the audio), requires you to login. It is free to create an account. It then asks for a name and description fo the song before it uploads. It failed to upload for me from the Audio Tool. I tried a couple times, and even started from scratch to try and save again. It appears that I have a 2 GB file storage limit, and that I can upload music, video, and pictures from my computer as well for anyone to view on my personalized page.

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