Weekly Challenge #177 – Peas in a Pod

I just finished my entry for the 100 word stories weekly challenge #177, peas in a pod. Each week, everyone is invited to compose a story of only 100 words for a given topic. The winner gets to choose the topic for the next week. I find it fun and interesting because the audio aspect of it (optional) gives me a bit of creativity with sound effects and such. This week, I used Microsoft Songsmith for my background music. I think I finally found a use for that software that isn’t so corny. In addition, I put on my Foley artist hat and added a lot of sound effects using Audacity to really give it some life. I’m a bit tempted to make a small machinima to go with it as well.

Here is my entry:

The professor guided his android daughter, Sally, into the cloning machine. He closed the door and turned it on. The machine started making loud noises until it came to a complete stop. Sally stepped out of the machine. Than, Sally stepped out of it again. The two girls were like peas in a pod. He couldn’t tell one from the other. The two girls looked at each other, and then looked at the professor. They giggled and then pushed him into the machine and ran it in reverse. The professor came out, only half the man he used to be.

I can’t wait to hear what the others have entered.

Download MP3: Lewis Moten – 100 word stores 117 – peas in a pod

Ok, I went ahead and made a little machinima as well. It’s pretty simple and quick. I used Windows Movie Maker to piece it all together.

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