Pooky is too busy to date your avatar

Recently, The Guild has released a music video to promote their third season. The video, “Do you want to date my avatar“, features Felicia Day(Codex) and the whole cast inviting you to date the star. The singing Pooky Amsterdam (a star in Second Life™) has turned the song around with the help of the TuneBugs, Draxtor Despres, and Samuel’s Dream as a response that they are simply to busy for a date.

There are many aspects to virtual environments. Some are purely for entertainment, such as World of Warcraft™ (Wow), but others are mixed with real business (just like the real world outside your door). Second Life is no different. Pooky lays it out that she has too many business propositions to work on. Watch the video, and spread it around. You can even buy Pooky & The Tune Bugs merchandise if you want.

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