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I took a trip to best buy to go window shopping. From my estimates, I only needed a 40 GB hard drive to run Vista. I don’t usually buy hard drives at brick-and-morter stores, but I decided to poke my head in and see what was available. Besides, the condition of my current computer left me bored out of my mind.

I was shocked to see low prices and high capacity. I found a 320 GB hard drive for $69.99. It has eight times the capacity I was looking for at only half the price I was expecting from a walk-in. I found two other drives with the same capacity and manufacturer at significantly higher prices. The only difference I could see was that one was slower, and one was faster than the cheapest one. Still, I would have preferred to find a smaller hard drive as the current one that is in the computer will probably become my data drive. This becomes a bit more useful with changing cache folders and scratch disks for browsers, photoshop, and perhaps Second Life itself.

So tonight, I’ll be occupied in reinstalling my OS, and then installing programs! I’ll be hunting for my software keys, disks, and deauthorizing software on my current configuration. The checklist is building, but here is a quick inventory:

Base Installation

  1. Windows Vista Ultimate 64 [Done]
  2. Linksys Wireless-N PCI Adapter WMP300N Drivers + Networking Setup [Done]
  3. Activate Windows [Done]
  4. Install driver suggested by Windows for power management system from ASUSTeK Computer Incorporated (ASUS Cool & Quiet 2.17.06) [Done]
  5. NVIDIA Drivers (GeForce 9600 GT) [Done]
  6. Acer AL2216W Drivers – Acer eDisplay Management x64 Edition [Done]
  7. SyncMaster 940BW Drivers [Done – already installed from windows update]
  8. Adobe Flash Player [Done]
  9. Via Audio Drivers for motherboard ASUS P5KPL-CM (Install Akamai Download Manager plugin) VIA HD Audio Codec Driver  v7. [Done]
  10. Remove Akamai Download Manager plugin [Done]
  11. MagicISOVirtual CD/DVD-ROM (MagicDisc) [Done]
  12. Install Networked Attached Storage (NAS200) Software
  13. Install NAS Backup Software [Done]
  14. Let Windows Install Driver for NAS (found new hardware) [Done]
  15. JAVA Runtime Engine [Done]
  16. Microsoft XNA Framework [Done]
  17. Microsoft DirectX [Done]


  1. WinZip
  2. Sequoia View
  3. McAfee [Done]
  4. Tom Tom HOME
  5. Sony Ericsson PC Suite


  1. Disable Welcome Screen [Done]
  2. Set screen resolution high [Done]
  3. Turn off User Access Control (UAC) [Done]
  4. Disable UAC warning [Done]
  5. Change workgroup name [Done]
  6. Enable network discovery [Done]
  7. Enable file sharing [Done]
  8. Change mouse settings: Large pointer, max speed, CTRL shows pointer location [Done]
  9. Change color and appearance to use Aero [Done]
  10. Change color and appearance to use Blue [Done]
  11. Disable MSIM welcome screen, don’t show MSIM when Windows starts [Done]
  12. Change folder options:
  13. Don’t hide extensions for known file types [Done]
  14. Don’t hide protected operating system files [Done]
  15. Change windows update to download every day at 7:00 AM [Done]
  16. Adjust dual-moniter primary/secondary, and position [Done]
  17. Setup gadgets in side bar. [Done]
  18. Map NAS200 to Z: drive [Done]
  19. Move downloaded drivers/software archives to NAS [Done]


  1. PersonalBrain [Done]
  2. Office Professional 2007 [Done] – forgot to install disk 2
  3. Turn on updates for other programs by Microsoft [Done]
  4. Install disk 2 of MS Office Professional 2007 (Accounting & Contact Manager) [Done]
  5. Activate Office [Done]
  6. Adobe Reader [Done]


  1. Visual Studio.Net 2008 Professional [Done]
  2. MSDN Library for Visual Studio 2008 [Done]
  3. Install Microsoft Web Platform Installer [Done]
  4. Configure VS.Net environment for C# [Done]
  5. Visual Studio.Net Service Pack 1 [Done]
  6. SQL Express 2008Custom Installation with Advanced Services [Done]
  7. Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 [Done]
  8. JAVA [Done]
  9. Microsoft FxCop [Done]
  10. TortoiseSVN [Done]
  11. AnkhSVN [Done]
  12. Fiddler [Done]
  13. RedGate ANTS Memory Profiler [Done]
  14. RedGate pInvoke [Done]
  15. RedGate .Net Reflector [Done]
  16. Algebrator [Done]
  17. GailtoBot AIML Editor [Done]


  1. Audacity[Done]
  2. LAME for Audacity [Done]
  3. Microsoft Songsmith (it sucks so bad, it’s fun!) [Done]
  4. Media Monkey + AAC Plug-in [Done]
  5. iTunes [Done]
    1. Playlists
    2. Pocasts: Rezzed.TV, Bucket, DarkCompass, Heaven Season 3, Onion News Network, 100 Word Stories [Done]
    3. Applications: Bejeweled, Mahjong, Song Summoner: The Unsung Heroes, Spore Origins [Done]
  6. Skype + Pamela Call Recorder [Done]
  7. Sonic Foundry ACID
  8. MorphVOX Pro [Done]


  1. QuickTime Pro [Done]
  2. Sizer [Done]
  3. Fraps [Done]
  4. Crazy Talk [Done]
  5. Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum
  6. Poser [Done]

Graphic Design

  1. Photoshop CS3 Extended [Done]
  2. Art Rage [Done]
  3. Wacom Tablet Drivers [Done]
  4. 3D Connexion Drivers [Done]
  5. Morpheus

Second Life

  1. Second Life Viewer [Done]
  2. Hippo Viewer [Done]
  3. Sculpty Paint + Bladgen [Done]
  4. AvPainter [Done]
  5. Kanae Tools: Rokuro, Rokuro Pro, Tatara, Tokoroten, etc.
  6. Second Inventory
  7. SLim
  8. PloppSL

Web Browsers

  1. Firefox
  2. Chrome [Done]
  3. Safari


  1. Eve Online [Done]
  2. EveMon [Done]
  3. IMVU
  4. Fiesta
  5. Qwaq Forums
  6. Runes of Magic
  7. Spore
  8. The Sims 3

Something tells me it’s going to be a long weekend. I’ll probably just start off with installing the bare essentials.

6 Responses to My Toolbox

  1. I recently bought an external 1.5 TByte (Terabytes) harddrive for backup purposes and it was something around 150 EUR (~215 US$).

  2. Lewis Moten says:

    The prices are crazy. I still remember the day I got excited when I found I could buy low density floppies in bulk that would be about 1 dollar per MB if I would just punch holes in the corner and reformatted them. My gosh, it’s insaine to think of how the prices have come down. And a terabyte – who would have ever thought that much space was even conceivable, let alone have enough stuff to fill it up.


    By now 180 US$ – I still remember my first harddrive, a monolith of 5 MEGA(!)bytes which cost me an arm and a leg.

  4. Lewis Moten says:

    Impressive. The first PC I had that came with a hard drive was 30 MB. We paid an extra 1000 US to double the memory to a whopping 1 MB! Before that, I had an Atari 400, which I had to store everything on audio cassette tapes on the 410 cassette recorder. Interesting, as we would overwrite tapes of radio stations playing, and you could hear it (kinda) while loading programs with the ringing sound. I could only load 16 KB max at a time as that was the limit of memory in the Atarii. Compared to that, and the time it took to load programs, a PC with a Hard Drive was simply amazing. The PC is out of commission now, but I still have a Virtual PC of it’s environment. I haven’t had luck with getting sound to work yet.

  5. Elout says:

    54. Released sculptypaint v0.93 yesterday

    Bladgen is offline atm. (latest build;)

    I remember paying like 350 euro`s for a second-hand 40MB-HD for my Amiga2000 back in the days.

    Today I make sure my most important data is backed-up online somewhere as well.

  6. Lewis Moten says:


    I couldn’t find Bladgen online, but I still have an old version of it locally. I have a NAS200 with 500 GB of space. It’s actually a pair of 500 GB drives setup in a raid configuration for some extra protection. In addition, I still have my original hard drive – just in case I need to grab something. This is why I prefer to buy a new disk rather than reformat the original.

    Backing up online is very pricy if you need more than 1 GB. Most places offer 1GB free as an intro to their service.

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