Crashing the OS

At the moment, my computer is having a melt down. Essentially, my computer has somehow gotten corrupted.

  1. Visual Studio.Net 2008 asks me to reinstall because the compiler can’t  be created.
  2. VS.Net reinstallation fails due to unremovable read-only attribute on Config.Msi folder
  3. Windows Audio Service (and many others) will not start – Not enough storage is available to complete this operation (I only have 270 GB free on my HD and using 1.89 GB of 4 GB ram
  4. Can’t uninstall programs – windows installer corrupted?

So yea … I’m trying to backup anything I can think of, deactivate software, make a list of whats installed, etc.  I’ll probably end up running to the store for a new hard drive next week on pay day to swap out disks and reinstall the os. I don’t like reformatting hard disks, as I don’t have anything to roll back to or use for reference. I usually forget to do a few things anyway. Until then, no voice, no sound, no fun, bleh!

The good news is that a while back, I moved the OpenSIM service to another computer. Everyone there is safe from my demise.

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