Upgrading OpenSIM Database

I’ll be upgrading the back end database to regions that I host on OS Grid. You may experience much downtime today. The Microsoft SQL Database is being upgraded from 2005 to 2008. Regions affected are:

• Anubis
• Balaton
• Bidstrup
• Brianreavis
• Chao
• Donasharma
• Farnham
• Gluck
• Isamu
• Jiangxi
• Kuwabara
• Lucafini
• Modena
• Rezzed.TV
• Rhadamanthus
• Sano
• Sapphire
• Schoof
• Vladimirfock
• von Lude
• Your Name Here

This will assist in development efforts to optimize queries against the back end database.

Update: The process is taking a little longer. This is a development machine so there are additional programs needed for the upgrade, and incompatibilities with existing programs. On top of that, this is a 64 bit environment and needs a little more care. Prerequisites to install are Microsoft Web Platform, Windows Installer 4.5, Windows PowerShell, Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack Preparation Tool, Visual Studio 2008 SP1, and Windows Updates are increasing the number of reboots and outages.

Troubleshooting: The infamous Config.msi problem is poking its head into the upgrade process. I’ve tried lots of suggestions from the Internet.

  • removing the “read only” permission on the folder, but it immediately becomes read-only again.
  • Granted the “Everyone” user full access to the folder
  • delete the folder
  • rename the folder
  • create the folder
  • reregister the windows installer (“msiexec /unreg” and “msiexec /regserver”)
  • Play movies during the installation process to slow down the processor. (can this get any weirder?)
  • Uninstall Remote Debugger
  • Uninstall SQL 2005, Install SQL 2008
  • Reinstall Visual Studio.net 2008
  • Restart after fail, try again immediately.
  • Uninstall Office 2007

Completed: OpenSIM is now running on a different computer. My development machine resulted in a complete uninstallation of both SQL Server Express, and Visual Studio.Net 2008. Installation of SQL Server Express 2008 failed a few times until I installed it with the minimum number of components. VS.Net 2008 is still in the process of being installed. With the OpenSIM on a separate box, this should take out a lot of stability concerns as the box is not used for daily work. It’s simply a computer to test services on. In addition, it is running Windows XP 32 bit, and the wireless card that it uses sits rite next to the wireless router – much better speeds then my own computer as there are not any walls to go through/around.

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