Copy Objects Between Grids

I just created a video demonstrating a little project I have been working on to export my content from the Second Life main grid onto my OpenSIM server over on OS Grid.

This is not copy bot. There are not any software programs used. The process is done using a few LSL scripts. You need to own the objects with modify permissions in order for this to work.

Prims are rezzed on OpenSIM and linked up to form a single object. Textures, Scripts, and inventory do not transfer during the process. Some of the default client textures are already available, so they will show up as if they had transferred without a problem.

I’ll be posting more details about it later over on my OSGrid page: Import/Export Between Grids by Instant Blue.

4 Responses to Copy Objects Between Grids

  1. Tony says:

    SecondInventory does this as well as hold the contents, though it apparently doesn’t handle object picked up as coalesced objects from what I read.
    OpenMV can do this as well for single objects (you would have to modify the code to do multiple or an area), but can include contents, and might make the transfer a bit easier.

  2. I have second inventory, but it crashes often. Using this method, the bulk of work can be done without people crying “foul” for items that should not be copyable (inventory/prims/texture). In addition, I have control over the data format.

  3. Tony says:

    OpenMV would do the same, and you can always code in permission checks, though it would take a bit more work upfront.
    Glad it is working for you.

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