Clued Up!

Browsing through XStreetSL, I found a game by Jez Ember called Clued Up! It is just like the original clue game, but with references to second life. The game is played in the governors mansion, but Governor Linden is found dead. Your job is to find out who, with what, and where the murder took place. Weapons found were Watermellon gun, orbiter, blunt prim, pose ball, bling ring, and asset server. Suspects visiting during office hours were Lavender, Peaches, Chalky, Sandy, Emerald, and Sapphire Linden. Rooms found in the mansion are a hot tub, games room, sandbox, office, dance club, telehub, dungeon, holodeck and skybox. Crap Mariner and I sat down for an interesting game. I won.
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