Bridge Construction

Crap Mariner and I are working on bridging our two islands together. We’ve been working on a few ideas so far. Since the community at large does a lot of sailing, the birdge needs to be up at a high area to permit boats to pass through. The other thing to work out is finding a proper space to set the bridge on each side, since a few residents are on the coast and may not want to have a bridge comming down into their beachfront.
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One Response to Bridge Construction

  1. Crap Mariner says:

    Hrm… looks nice. Okay, if that went a bit South, maybe link up at Ducky’s dock edge? I’m thinking only 4 meters of flat road surface on the Edloe side of the seam, then start the angle down sooner?

    I’ll redo the model.

    Also, I asked Raz last night about covered bridge replacing Stu’s on North canal in Edloe. Waiting for response. (Stu’s is 60 prims, so a 20 meter covered may actually be less.)


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