Sim Teleporters

After moving the ships bridge out of the way into the sky, I came to the realization that I needed a teleporter. I broke out my old sim teleporter and started working on it to resemble something that you stand in. I’m separating the center piece so that another one may be rezzed as soon as the first one is launched rather than waiting for its return. This would help crowds to move to their destination quicker. I am also working on setting them up to detect all teleporters within the region so that setting them up to teleport to each other doesn’t require any manual interaction. The sim teleporter transports distances greater than 300 meters faster than other long range teleporters.
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4 Responses to Sim Teleporters

  1. That is a bold claim – can you back it up?

  2. Yea. Go to Woodbridge x55, y55. Click on the teleporter and you’ll be teleported up 1000 meters pretty quick.

  3. I more meant the “faster than others”. I have seen two warppos approaches out there. The “classical” warppos (which fails if there are banlines between the teleporter and the destination), and the warppos, which relies on a glitch in the SL code and might stop working from one server release to the next. The latter is fast since it only uses one step, while the normal warppos uses a series of steps.

    But unless someone messes badly with the code, teleporters using either of the two methods ought to have the exact same speed behaviour like every other teleporter using either of the methods.

  4. Ok, this does use a glitch to do things in one step. However, every 700 meters of travel, it has to do another step due to memory constraints. There are a bit of calculations to avoid restricted areas. If it has to cross an area greater than 10 meters that it can not enter, or is an unscripted area, it notifies the traveler that it can not go any further. I’ve been using this technique with llSetPrimitiveParams for a few years. However, the Lindens could always take out this capability.

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