4 Responses to I was hacked?

  1. Andre T says:

    Hi Man,


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  2. Troy McLuhan says:

    Hi Dedric,

    Judging by the last comment, you need a better comment spam filter as well. That last comment was surprisingly well-formatted (like a letter) and didn’t even include an URL.

    Google has an API for other websites to use to check your contacts without you giving away your Gmail password (which is also your Google password). I forget what the API is called. Maybe Open Social? Anyway, it’s only useful if the other website knows about it.

  3. CL says:

    I just discovered the same problem but it had been going on for two weeks. Finally figured it out when one of the Craigs List targets emailed me back.

    I was out of town on a hotel wireless connection when it started; maybe it had something to do with that.

    Changed my password – hoping that solved the problem.

  4. Yolimar says:

    Same here.. one of my not so active emails got hacked. it sent that initial email to some craiglist personal ads and then the vacation one to everyone that sent me an email.. weird enough everything started on my birthday, june 10.

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