Getting back into the flow

After the new year, I had a project come up at work to bring my company into Second Life. In a matter of 30 days, I was able to train a few developers to become content creators and develop an island, which in turn was cloned into 6 additional islands. There is an 8th island as well. Let’s just say the rush of everything involved behind the sceens and 80+ hour weeks had really burnt me out big time. I became detached from SL; a place where I would often spend 40 hours a week experimenting and enjoying my time away from work.

I’m feeling a bit renewed with energy since quite a bit of time has passed. I’ve also got some new toys such as an iPod Nano 4G for my birthday. Ever since George’s (my old iPod) hard drive became corrupted two and a half years ago, I’ve been out of the loop of things all together. It was a free iPod that I got from a combination of myself and friends completing offers. I’ve tried a few media players, but in the end, the combination of an iPod with iTunes is simpler for me to manage my podcasts and music. I’m hoping to get back into the loop with SL podcasts. If anyone has some recommendations, I’d love to hear them. I tend to prefer shows with two people as the host with a bit of humor. The new iPod has some amazing features. For starters, it has a color screen.

My two iPod's side-by side.

My two iPod's side-by side.

As far as the gadget shop goes, I’m considering reducing the number of products I sell and go into a bit of rebranding. Many products are getting old, out dated, do not sell well, and/or are a pain to provide support.

The island (woodbridge) has been divided up into smaller spots to rent out, but I still need to setup some rent boxes for the additional spaces. Lots of stuff to take care of.

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  1. HatHead says:

    Welcome back D!

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