Buddha Layering

Flix Saiman found an interesting Buddha at Valkyrie Manor in Lime. He explained to me that he first through it was a sculpty until he took a closer look. It turned out to be 39 layers of contoured textures setting in front of the next to give the appearence of a 3D object. It was a bit impressive to look at how it was put together. Alpha clipping didn’t seem to be much of a problem either. We could get about a 90 degree viewing angle before the Buddha became distorted. The creator is listed as Grocon Emoto.
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2 Responses to Buddha Layering

  1. Grocon Emoto says:

    Eh eh
    Thanks for the post 🙂

  2. Grocon Emoto says:

    Ps. The Buddha is Free downloadable at xlstreet

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