The Gray People (Muted)

The vio conference today had a griefer causing a lot of trouble. Rather than deal with listening to him cause problems on voice chat, I decided to out-right mute him. Amazingly enough, his avatar turned gray and rendered as an avatar imposter no matter how close I got. Amazing. I think I found a bug with the feature as well. As soon as I unchecked “render avatar imposters”, all of his textures showed up as normal. Toggling mute and rendering imposters on his character did not turn him back into gray.
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One Response to The Gray People (Muted)

  1. I think the feature works as intended – that is, it works only with impostors.
    (who knows, this may change in the future, as the upcoming viewers (1.23 I think) are going to render avatar textures in a different way than now)

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