Sculpt Madness

I’ve been playing with a lot of tools with sculpties. I am becoming frustrated with the inability to make simple objects. The best that can be done is to make rocks. Hard edges are hard to make unless you double-up vertexes. Some programs allow you to double them up on the edge, but they equally distribute points along the depth rather then doubling up the first pair on the top and bottom. I’ve also got “flaps” to worry about if the edge does not have a solid path to the center of each side. I just want something that can convert a few prims in SL to a 1-prim sculpty. Argh!
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4 Responses to Sculpt Madness

  1. The more I read from the knowledgeable about sculpties, the more I believe that you either need to use tools like 3ds Max and Blender which have scripts developed for them which export polygon based objects very well, or else use more prims and use more sculpties for your objects if you are doing nurbs as the maya export script by quarl linden is optimized for.

    Sculpties are a huge compromise. You definitely cannot use a lot of your 3d program’s capabilities, and you need to make sure you have a perfect UV space when you’re done. It takes a lot of work to compromise down to finding a good method and figuring out what will work and what won’t.

  2. Banana Stein says:

    On any major build I do, especially if there is a high traffic volume, I do not use sculpties. Just to many issues with them at this time.

  3. I think the LOD issues, rezz time, and the bounding box issues are probably the only ones that really bug me. Yes, it would be nice if they did real meshes and you could use extrudes, etc, etc, but the issue of what limitations exist in creating them is something that’s livable.

    OTOH, the baseball cap I’m currently wearing is a prime example of LOD weakness, when you start zooming away, my avatar’s head starts showing through the cap in places.

    Still, overall, I think sculpties have hugely increased the realism and imagination quotient of products created in SL. If nothing else, they let a lot of artists familiar with 3d modeling bring their skills in, and they also allowed creation of things that would not have looked quite as realistic or would have used 1000 prims or whatever.

    Even with the compromises, overall I’d say they are a big plus.

  4. I use sculpties here and there, but they are not really a major part of what I do, simply because it is hard to get any detail out of them. I don’t have the funds or desire to invest in a high-quality 3D program. Blender on its own is a nightmare to learn with little patience. I’ve pretty much given up on doing anything with sculpties that simple programs (like Rokuro) can’t handle.

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