Todd Borst – Guru Animator

Todd keeps popping up in my life. DrFran Babcock introduced me to his work with many great animated pets and a Puppeteer Prim Animation Kit. This past year, he made a great pet dragon for relay of life. For the past few months, I’ve been seeing these shop assistants. I didn’t pay much attention to them until tonight. They are pretty lifelike in that they change their poses, blink, look at you, and also offer some dialog menu options. I checked out the creator of the assistant only to find Todd. Wow. He gets around.
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3 Responses to Todd Borst – Guru Animator

  1. Todd Borst says:

    Yes, I do get around, in a clean way. I am in your blog, scribbling your comments. =D

    What an honor to be noticed by someone such as yourself. If it weren’t for the Ivory Tower tutorials to help when I started, I’d would have gave up on SL long before any of this is possible. You have deepest thanks and respect for creating such an awesome resource and running it for so long.

  2. Todd Borst says:

    oops, don’t I look like a total idiot for attributing the ivory tower to the wrong person? haha. I’m certainly no stranger to your shop of gadgets which is probably why I got the names mixed up. My apologies =]

  3. LOL. No problem. I won’t tell Lumiere Noir about it.

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