Woes of Sit ‘n Spin

I found a simple way to make 1 prim seats without using sculpties. I was even able to make them spin correctly while the big wheel was spinning. When it came to sitting, I ran into a big problem. The avatar only stays in line with the root prim when spinning rather than the prim that he sat on. It appears that the last option would be to continuously update the rotation of the avatar itself (llSetLinkPrimitiveParams). This defeats the idea of client-side processing by putting more load on the region and adding unnecessary bandwidth. Another side effect that I saw is that once you sit on a seat, the rotation axis changes (llTargetOmega). It is interesting to see how these things conflict.
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2 Responses to Woes of Sit ‘n Spin

  1. This reminds me that I often wish people who hold events attended by many avatars would stop providing seating and make everyone remain standing. I’ve noticed on my sim that seated avatars — even static ones, not necessarily just animated poses — immediately jump up high on the active script list until they stand up.

  2. One thing I noticed, and this may be related, is that when I did sit down on my ferris wheel, the animation became very choppy. Things also appear to rotate slower as well.

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