Testing Yahoo Pipes

After reading about Yahoo Pipes on Peter Stindbergs’ blog, I decided to try it out myself to capture all the news going on about the five islands: Woodbridge, Edloe, Los Arboles, Harbour, Nowhereville, Meta Magic Studio, BlaksleeWorld, Mare Draconus, and Marylis.

Five Islands RSS

It’s pretty impressive how you can throw many feeds together, pull out posts matching keywords, combine unique posts, and then sort them appropriately.

2 Responses to Testing Yahoo Pipes

  1. Funny thing is that I knew about Pipes for quite a while but never really saw how they would benefit me.

    Your pipe queries a whole bunch of feeds at the beginning. It would be easier and more managable if you put all the feeds into an OPML file, and simply let Pipes query the OPML. There’s great OMPL editors out there, and the file can lay on any web-accessible location you like.

  2. The thing seems to crash Google Chrome a lot with the large number of feeds. I don’t know of any OPML hosts. The pipes seem to be the best answer to people who want to combine multiple feeds. I seem to have problems sorting them though.

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