Language Detection

My projects always starts as a cube. This one is going to detect the language of people who pass by my store, and then display a pie chart along with a link to google charts. So far, I have it plugging into the same API that I use for my other statistical reporting charts. The last time I worked with in-world pie charts, it was for displaying the old rating system and land ownership in a Region Directory.
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2 Responses to Language Detection

  1. As I pointed out numerous times on numerous blogs, the results of this function will be severely skewed in favour of English. Many people (including myself and almost everybody I know) prefer English versons of any software since not only is the localized version usually horribly localized, but also because localized versions lag behind in terms of new releases and fixes.

    I got asked that – as owner of the oldest and largest translation agency in SL – I was nit in favour of the awareness for different languages. But in fact using this function WEAKENS my point, due to the fact that the results get skewed towards English. My own reserach shows that there are only about 35-40% of native English speakers in SL. Some tests with the LSL language detection make it appear as if 70% of people speak English as their first language.

  2. I already write a lot of my documentation in English, so I’m more interested in the non-English percent. I imagine the majority of people do not even allow language detection. I am aware that people often understand more than one language and may prefer to go with the native language of the softwares developers.

    I don’t know how else to determine the percentage of people who don’t speak English natively. However, I feel that this is a start into that direction when deciding. I need some kind of reference as to who will benefit the most.

    So far in a short amount of time, I found NL:2, EN:1, and Unknown:8. Dropping out EN/Unknown, I can see that a Dutch (NL) translation may be needed. After a month, I can make a better judgment based on which language is at the top of that list.

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