Tunaverse Oddness

Time to get lucky, get odd, or both. Tuna Oddfellow invites the tunaverse to put on a lucky wild outfit, loveliest crazy custome, and come on down to the oddest ball in the virtual world to the Research Center region. Tuna plays with interesting concepts of animated 3D kaladiscopic environments where people interact, dance, and have fun. Everyone is invited to let their hair down, relax, and have fun.
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2 Responses to Tunaverse Oddness

  1. ArminasX says:

    I’ve been to Tuna’s show a few times (and attended once live in Real Life at SLCC) and it is a lot of fun. But be careful if you get dizzy easily!

  2. I met Tuna through his magic show at SLCC 2007. It was pretty wild.

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