A return to OpenSIM

I just went through a few hours setting up an OpenSIM server to run locally on my laptop. I have had problems in the past getting this software to work, or have crashing issues. Tonight, everything was practically perfect. I was able to log in, change my appearance, modify the land and make a building with a court yard. I even made a few scripted objects. Not once did the software crash on me. I do have problems with trying to enable physics (or determining if it is available yet). For now, I’ve risen the land to be just below the floor of my building.

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  1. plymouth harbour says:

    I had trouble with the physics engine and it seemed to make all objects phanton. I finally set up a system as suggested by Zonja Capalini’s excellent post about setting up opensim at http://zonjacapalini.wordpress.com/2009/01/03/installing-opensim-in-windows-xp-with-mysql/

    This worked really well allowing me to set up buildings as I have reported on my blog at http://plymouthharbour.wordpress.com/

    Hope tis helps

  2. Dedric, We are both still here! I know some folks that are running sailboats in the open sim, but when I talk to them…. blows right by my head. I think the OS may be great for real brain trust types, but the for local gal on the street just having a good time in SL – what about her ? Will it every bcome user friendly ?

    BTW – I still use your very cool Sim Scanner to keep up with my local region.

    Tory Micheline

  3. Tony says:

    There is a line in the Opensim.ini file that allows you to change the physics engine used.
    A bunch of customization can be done in that file and http://opensimulator.org/wiki/OpenSim.ini has information on the options you can edit.

  4. In the OpenSim.ini file is a setting for physics and Meshmerizer. Set the physics one to OpenDynamicsEngine and enable Meshmerizer and I suspect you will be pleasantly surprised.


  5. Tony, Plymouth, and Charles, thanks a million. I can now bang my head against a wall when I really need it now that I have physics. Now if only I can figure out a way to save the clothes that I am wearing when I log off.

    Tory, I think you may have to wait a bit until the Lindens fully support open grid connecting to their own servers. At the moment, I can only log in to my server when I get in on the preview grid. Stuff is happening, but it’s a bit slow.

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