Linden Lab’s to UnRez OnRez

OnRez (a.k.a. SL Boutique) was the second web-based store that I had joined forces with on February 12, 2006. It is a little sad to see it go the day before I would start my fourth year with them. I found out today that it was purchased by Linden Lab and will be taken down perminately. It’s main competitor, XStreet SL (a.k.a. SL Exchange) was also purchased by Linden Lab, but will live on and be integrated into the in-world browser-based search engine. Although I didn’t get too many sales compared to XstreetSL, They were the more classy store with a great presentation. Time to unrez my onrez drop boxes. Funny how “u” is the next vowel after “o”.
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  1. I’d love to get your feedback on my analysis of the situation and my overview of potential alternatives. After all it was YOU who brought Apez to my attention 🙂 I wrote my analysis as a guest commentary at Rez magazine – you can find it here:


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