A worn out Prokofy

Prokofy Neva visits the docks by the fishing area in woodbridge and gets exhausted. Prakofy has had a lot on their mind after writing about Hamlets discovery of his new partner with the Rezzable fishing area.
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2 Responses to A worn out Prokofy

  1. Prokofy Neva says:

    Actually, Prokofy was just testing that Twitter thingie you blogged to see if it really worked. I arrived right on top of you from the Twitter SLURL, and YOU were AFK. So I snapped some pics for my inworld newsletter then got busy on RL work and went AFK. I was trying to figure out whether it was an old mainland sim with a name like that or a private island, and hwat it was, exactly.

    What is Woodbridge, anyway?

  2. I was AFK because my wife asked me to go grocery shopping 😉

    Woodbridge is my private simulator. It is primarily residential and a part of what the locals call, “the five islands” (although the number is growing in size now).

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