Predictions for the year 2009

My new predictions for the year of Twenty O’nine.

  1. Web page on a prim (For Real!) 
  2. In-world Sculpty Editor 
  3. Megaprims permitted and allowed through normal editor 
  4. Monthly fee for 3rd party OpenSim’s connecting to the main grid 
  5. Increase in mainland Tier price 
  6. Mainland sims with monthly stories (not just themes) behind them spinning off mysteries, characters, products, etc. 
  7. Statistics reporting for private sims 
  8. More data available to 3rd party applications through web services 
  9. social network 
  10. Live events through the web as guests without client

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9 Responses to Predictions for the year 2009

  1. Good list – my fingers are crossed.

  2. Crap Mariner says:

    I’ve avoided making my own predictions, but this does not keep me from commenting on others…

    1) I don’t think they’ll manage that.
    2) I think they’ll just let 3rd party developers continue to build up their own tools. 10L imports is 10L imports, and if folks want to, they can just test on running their own server.
    3) Megaprims will continue to be tolerated by not accepted. LL, like any other company, will never miss an opportunity to sweep something under the rug as long as there’s any amount of rug left to sweep things under.
    4) Connections with outside grids will still be in development. LL, like any other company, can get the marketing/hype engine going loudly while the folks in Development see just another item piled up on the teetering stack in the inbox.
    5) Hrm… maybe a net reduction from delinking it from Premium accounts, perhaps?
    6) With so much customer-developed content and so many issues that LL needs to address, this would be an unwelcome distraction. They will engage with communities already on the grid like the sailing sims or Caledon in preferred-partner roles.
    7) Homesteads/Openspaces will need stats for script monitoring/limits. If any other stats sneak in with that, sure. But this is another case of relying on 3rd party developers to work up kludges using monitoring scripts/bots etc.
    8) Yes, but not as much as we’d hope. And probably would cause a few high-profile security alerts that make the headlines. “Your Data Isn’t Safe On SL! EEEK!”
    9) Aside from the Wiki, Forums, and profiles – they stay out of this biz. In fact, backed away from ratings. The Rivers Run Red deal suggests that if they go down this road, it will be with a preferred-partner arrangement. Facebook? Plurk? MySpace? SLUniverse? Let someone else build it, build the hooks, and put ads on it.
    10) Metanomics does this with chatbridge and video coverage. And as we’ve seen ,the SLim thin-client is… um… what’s the word for it? A dud.


  3. A lot of these are wish-list items. There is more to them then I reveal, but it is interesting to see your commentary.

  4. Jago says:

    Instead of #9, I’d like to see a simple system to organise friend lists into groups! How hard can that be?

  5. Jago, you can create folders and organize your friends into each folder.

  6. Jago says:

    In the contact list?

  7. Look in your inventory. You will have a calling card from each of your friends. You can create folders in your calling card directory, and then copy&paste your friends to each folder. Have one for Scripters, another of DJ’s, and such. The cool part is conferencing. Right-mouse-click the folder and choose “Start a conference chat”. You’ll automatically create a private room for all the people within that folder to talk to each other.

  8. Jago says:

    Cool, I didn’t know that, I guess I should have paid more attention when I first joined. I usually delete calling cards 😛

    Still, it would be good to be able to organise friends in the contact list too!

  9. I would love a way to search my friends in the contact list. I have so many that it takes me a while to find someone so I can start a message or view their profile.

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