Land for rent

I’ve started to prepare the Woodbridge sim for renting out its quarters. After cleaning up the extra prims, I went to work on the land. Korii is sticking with her mountain overlooking the 5 islands. I removed all the rivers going through Woodbridge and the infamouse wooden bridges. Now I need to educate myself into how to rent out the land and get with one of the main people on the five islands and toss around some ideas so that the creativity that people may bring through to the islands doesn’t get out of hand.
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2 Responses to Land for rent

  1. […] there’s still space on Corona Cay nee Podcast Island, and it looks like Dedric’s getting ready to rent out land on Woodbridge […]

  2. From an aesthetic point of view I prefer themed sims, that have some nice general landscaping. The aerial you posted does not look very appealing. Those fractured islandlets sims are so ubiquitos and so boring…

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