Inventory Loss

One thing that I am getting tired of is inventory loss. I have over 20,000 items in my inventory. Lately though I’ve been noticing that the number keeps decreasing over time. I started setting up shops and I took copies of a lot of my vendors into my inventory. I put them into a folder and had over 100 new items. I saw them there. I was using them just last night. Today I log in to find only a quarter of them appear. I don’t know what to do. It’s just really sad to see this happen over and over again. I’ve tried a program to back the stuff up to my hard drive, but the thing keeps having errors on complex objects.
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2 Responses to Inventory Loss

  1. The nightmare of it is, who can keep track of it? I’m down to about 14,700 items right now, but I could lose certain things and never know it for awhile. A lot of that stuff is no copy too.

  2. The thing is, I just had put these into my inventory last night.

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