FY08 Q1 Earnings Report

There were a total of 311 sales in the Woodbridge Sim totalling 103,302 L$ in revenue. This comes out to an average of 332 L$ per Item. The weekly average is 24 items per week with 7,946 L$ in sales. In terms of operating costs, 1500 L$ was spent in traffic generation (150/week) such as scavenger hunts, money trees, and other events. 19,941 L$ (1534/week) was spent on the land that supports the business. 396 L$ was spent on directory listings and 12,805 (985/week) was spent on classified ads. A revenue of 103,302 L$ was offset by 34,642 in operating costs. 68,660 (5,247/week) remained in profit (49.8%) which is estimated to be 261 US$ (19.95/week) at a rate of 263L$/1US$.
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2 Responses to FY08 Q1 Earnings Report

  1. Interesting breakdown, Dedric, thank you for sharing. It gives some insight into what you’re doing and how those efforts are paying off. Of course, the first thing is having products people want to buy once they find out about them. But assuming that, the rest is interesting too.

  2. This is only a break down of 1 area of income. I don’t include the whole Woodbridge sim in the price either since most of it is for a private homestead. I’m under the impression that it is hard to find people who are interested, and i also don’t release new products that often since I’ve started going to school.

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