Virtually Ponged

I had this idea of making Pong work in a 3D space in second life, and sticking with the classic representation of a cube paddle hitting a cube ball. I have a basic arcade game laid out that I think will work pretty well. I will use the new “Touch” detection functionality to determine where the paddle should be placed within the game. From there, a ball is spawned with physics and zero gravity. Who knows, it may actually work out. I also setup the light at the top to have angles to help add some challenge to the game. Scripting comes tomorrow I guess.
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3 Responses to Virtually Ponged

  1. Fae Dama says:

    Hi Dedric! come try our pong in the Lepiota Sim… look for my gazebo and teleporter nearby. choose Kamikaze (the name for our SL Asteroids) sit on the yellow ball that pops up from the teleporter. Our pong is a two person game, however the Asteroids is a single player game… enjoy and come back whenever u like! *hugs* 🙂

  2. Hello Fae. I’m here rite now. The Pong table looks a lot like a game of Air Hokey. Interesting stuff here. Wondering what the sim tester tests. Interesting look to it.

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