Nice Teleporters

Matthew Kovpan brought some interesting teleporters to my attention. You teleport to a location, and the teleporter locks itself out from anyone else using it. From there, you are asked to invite your friends to teleport (TP Request) to the place that you arrived. Once you leave, the teleporter senses that you are gone and unlocks itself. Sophia Debevec appears to be the creator of this ingenious device.
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3 Responses to Nice Teleporters

  1. Uhmm… maybe I have a blonde moment, but where’s the point?

  2. Well, this place was for an escort service i think. Not quite certain. Although the places they took you too were not any thing out of the ordinary. It seems like you can reserve a place for your friends in a sense, and invite them over.

  3. OK, that makes sense.

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