Class 3 Digital Certificates are Expensive

I am getting ready to launch an application to assist me and a friend of mine with our marketing efforts in Second Life. As I was publishing the code and ran the setup program, I found that it nagged me that the publisher could not be verified.

The problem comes up when I looked into what it actually takes to get “verified” as a trusted publisher. It turns out that I need to acquire a special certificate to sign my code. Microsoft has a web page listing all of the companies that sell these certificates.

Each of the four companies have prices that range from 179 to 499 US$ per year. For the returns that I expect to get from this program, it does not appear to be worth my effort to be trusted. It would be nice if there were other plans that targeted “the little guy” with cheaper rates. Something like 50 US$ a year would be more comfortable. I would still lose a lot of money, but it wouldn’t make me cringe so bad.

I’ll see how the program does in its current state. For now I just have a test certificate that I issued to myself along with a strong key.

2 Responses to Class 3 Digital Certificates are Expensive

  1. ArminasX says:

    This appears to be another case of the RL economy colliding with the virtual micro-economy. I’ve seen this before, where a RL service, priced on RL circumstances is unaffordable by in-world businesses, because the in-world businesses typically operate on a vastly smaller scale. You’d almost think there should be a certificate maker specifically for virtual businesses. Hmm…

  2. Well, I agree that the virtual in-world businesses are starting to expand outward into the real world. I just wish it wasn’t so expensive to make that step to be legitimate.

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