Object Pays … why?

I’ve really been getting into retrieving information about past sales. I started to look into categorizing debits as well. I immediately stumbled onto a problem reported in WEB-424. Any transaction where an object pays an avatar is blank. This is painful, because I can’t build a query that can identify if I am being debited for money tree payments, picks, billboards, stats collections, commission payments, returned sales, high score rewards, or … anything!

This also goes for credits as well. I can identify the SLX, OnRez, Apez payments only because I am familiar with the person who is paying me (Exchange Street, Commerce Leader, Apez Mann).

The most beneficial thing that can help me out is if the lindens included the name of the object. In the past month alone, I have 960 transactions marked as “Object Pays”.

The bug is starting to get a bit old, but you can still show it some love by voting on it.

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