Progressive Sales

After taking a few weeks of business planning and improvement workshops, my sales are starting to look a bit better. I’ve almost doubled my weekly sales and the profit has increased significantly as well. Here is a brief summary of the past four weeks of just my woodbridge gadget shop that I’ve been tracking when I started taking the workshops. I’ve removed a few of the columns regarding where my costs come from and the number of items sold do not include the freebies or items priced at 1 L$.

Fiscal Year 2008 Logs
Dedric Mauriac’s Gadget Shop Fiscal Year Start July 31, 2008
Week Start Items Sales Avg
Income Costs Profit % Weekly Change % Historical Change %
1 Jul-31 16 5164 323 5164 1837 3327 48
2 Aug-7 17 6973 410 6973 4085 2888 26 -13 -7
3 Aug-14 30 7682 256 7682 4758 2924 24 1 -4
4 Aug-21 30 9220 307 9220 4238 4982 37 70 41
Year Totals 93 29039 312 29039 14918 14121 32
Avg Week 23 7260 312 7260 3802 3458 31

So it’s just four weeks. However, it is starting to look a bit positive. I am finding that it takes money to get money. Thowing money at advertising appears to bring in more sales.

I really got to work on getting some fresh eye balls into my shop in order to increase the odds of making a sale as well. I’m starting to discover what works in advertising and what does not. Using some of Kerhops products, I can identify where traffic is coming from as well as what areas of my store see the most traffic. It’s a bit slow, but it appears that I am making some progress.

I’ve started working on some software to help me improve how I list my classifieds and parcel. I am also starting to build up a pretty handy access database with the past three years of sales. I’ve made quite a few useful queries that help me identify what freebies lead to the most sales, repeat customers, and rolling up the number and sum of sales for each region that I report on my spreadsheet.

With the state of the economy in a down-turn, I’m running against the current here and increasing my profit. Perhaps I’ll do better when the economy improves. One of the suggestions for the ecomies shape is due to freebies out on the market. As I am about to convert products mono in my inventory, I’ve been debating on locking down permissions and setting them for a nominal fee instead. It is just hard for me to put a price on things that seem simple to make, or are not fully featured. On of my popular freebies is a synthesized voice box that was experimental, but just doesn’t work rite usually due to lag. I’ll leave the freebies as lures to my shop or perhaps handing out beta tests of upcomming products.

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