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One of the suggestions that Fleche Xeno made to me during his last mareting workshop was to make a gift server. The way that it works is that anyone may use it to send a gift to their friend free of charge. Gifts are cycled every few days, so people may come back to send out new gifts. You can’t send a gift to yourself, so if you want it, you have to get your friend to come and send a gift to you. I’m still determining if gifts are delivered instantly or require pickup in-person. I’m testing different methdos to see what works.
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7 Responses to Give a gift

  1. What is the impact compared to a freebie box?

  2. The impact is a viral marketing effect. Someone who is already at your store has the ability to send a freebie to someone who has potentially never seen the store. Also, because it’s not freebies, but rather a gift, it appears to have more value behind the product.

  3. Don’t you think that people start to come in pairs? Or get their alt’s in? What is the difference to a Lucky Chair? I recently notice that the real good shops have high value (and often excluisve) items in the lucky chairs and huge crowds are around them – or that people also get their friends in.

  4. I could set it up so that the friend must be in a different sim. However, the real idea is to start getting an extra eye ball. Most people i see in my store arrive on their own. Not in pairs.

  5. I think this is a cool idea – don’t get me wrong – but maybe it’s just a novelty effect. I’d love to see some report from you in a few weeks.

  6. […] experimental, but just doesn’t work rite usually due to lag. I’ll leave the freebies as lures to my shop or perhaps handing out beta tests of upcomming […]

  7. I have it setup to send me email each time things go through. However, I don’t have anything viable yet. I’ll have to keep an eye on it. Lots of things are experimental at the moment. I’m just trying out different things.

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