Revealing my empire

The last marketing class I took stressed having 1-item vendors was better then multi-item vendors, unless dealing with holo vendors. I have started to create a ton of these vendors to try them out. I had more items then I had realized. I have about two thirds setting out so far. After this, the fun begins in deciding how to organize them and build a new shop for better customer experience.
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6 Responses to Revealing my empire

  1. Adz Childs says:

    I’m not sure that advice applies to you as much. You use multi-vendors which have smaller billboards along the left and right sides, Effectively, all of your items are already on display and do not require more than one click to access. The multivendors you use are very good. I think they are the on-rez ones?

  2. Some displays require multiple clicks. They are the on-rez ones, but heavily modified. I’ve added a lot of features to them such as handing out note cards, changing name of vendor, and now – showing price. I’m debating on making them work like holo vendors as well.

    I have another parcel on the mainland that I’ll try out with the new box vendors. I wanna see if it makes a difference at all. It will be a competition of sorts between the two.

  3. I often use the 8-item OnRez vendors, and only put 8 items in it and tint the arrows black. That seems to work.

  4. I was thinking about making the arrows invisible in the 8-item vendors if it only contains 8 items or less. It seems that people don’t realize that another page of items are available. I’ve had some people also pay the thumbnails when another product was selected. That is why i changed the vendor name each time a new item is displayed. This way when they pay, it say “Product Name (OnRez Vendor)”, so they know what they are paying for.

  5. Adz Childs says:

    Since it is a gadget store it only makes sense that you have some very advanced and convenient vending gadgets.

  6. Perhaps, but I’ve been feeling the pinch of low sales. I believe that this is due to low traffic, and that people can’t find what they are looking for. Many times, I talk to customers only to find out that they can’t find something that they saw elsewhere that I created. I’ve got some ideas on the way, but also the advice in these workshops are making a lot of sense.

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