Retail and Merchandising

Another business planning and improvement workshop with Fleche Xeno. This time he went over Retail and Merchandising.

As always, Fleche had a ton of information to give to us about what we can do to help with our product presentation. He gave details on comparing vendors versus box that sell one item, and what scenarios that vendors improve compared to 1 item boxes.

After giving us the information about how to present our products, he asked class members to send him a picture of what we show our customers to buy. Each image was displayed and the class got to use their new found knowledge to identify what was good and bad about each image. I learned of a few problems with my own stuff.

Fleche went over store design and layout. He descibed the best case scenarios of how products should be laid out, and why differences exist between real life with psychology and abilities. For homework, each class member is visiting each others store fronts to determine what needs to be improved after learning our lessons for today.

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