Product Update: Water Spray

I got a request for support from zichchen Whitfield asking how to turn the water spray off and on. I replied that it did not have that feature. She asked if I could add it to the water spray.

The water spray is a simple product. I created it when I was first learning about particles. The oldest one I have in inventory is from February 24, 2006 (three months after I joined second life).

I opened up the script and found a few odd things. I had a touch_start, listen and timer event. The listen and touch_start events didn’t have any code in them. The timer event would clean up a listener handle if one existed.

It’s amazing to see old code that I was working on when I was first learning about the Linden Scripting Language (LSL). I shake my head wondering what I was thinking.

I cleaned up the code and added the feature to toggle the spray on/off when the owner touches it. I sent it off to zichchen and they seemed pleased with the new feature.

This is the details of what I updated the product description with.

Water Spray

Spray water for fountains.

This high-pressure water spray can be used with your existing fountains. Once you rez the object, you may rotate it to aim the water at the center of your fountain. For the best effects, increase the angle of the sprayer so that the water covers a broader area.

The owner of the water spray may touch it to toggle it on and off.


A long time ago, I owned a small corner of land in the Higgins region. I had setup a large fountain that was simply dull. I was learning about particles at the time and used my skills to create this water spray. This is one of my earlier products.


1.1 – Added ability to turn on/off at request of zickchen Whitfield
1.0 – initial public offering

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