Marketing, promotion, and advertising

Fleche Xeno gave another presentation for his workshops. This one was for Marketing, promotion, and advertising. I’ve learned tons on search results. He covered search engine optimization (SEO) specifically tailored on the Linden Lab Google search appliance as it relates to second life.

I learned about how the names of some items on the parcel can actually count against your listings and what to watch out for. In addition, other information is not included in search results (but may be at a later time). I even learned how to hunt for keywords to use, compare them to what is economically feasable with sales vs. placement, and understand where I would break even.

Just as a basic runover, these are some of the topics covered.

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Parcel keyword design
  3. Classified Design (and pricing)
  4. Traffic Generation

I can’t promote this guy enough. He’s really great helping people 1 on 1 to work through the class. He really knows his stuff. Most people I have met in the past who “claim” to know marketing or have suggestions for my business are usually just giving common sense street knowledge that I’ve already tried my hand at. Fleche Xeno not only teaches you what to do, but gives a reason behind the processes of doing things the way he lays them out, and gives you the methods to verify what you are doing is having an impact.

It’s only been a week since my first class where I learned about the Business planning, profit model. I have gathered one week of data using some of the methods discussed in that class. I am able to see the “before” picture of my newly learned knowledge. Over the next few weeks, I am hoping to see an improvement in my business as I apply Fleche’s advice.

Although the business planning and improvement workshops have already started, Fleche Xeno is still accepting people to attend the remaining workshops. Each class is offered three times per week to help work around most peoples schedules. There is usually one on sunday morning, tuesday afternoon, and thurdsay night. It is an investment that is worth it. Solid advice from a solid guy. Every other marketer I’ve met is just a hollow avatar.

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