A game of concentration

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Well, I now have a new game of concentration. It’s a card game played with a regular deck of 52 playing cards. Up to 52 cards are rezzed face down. Either one or two players can play at a time. Two player games take turns to se who can find the most pairs. One player games keep track of both matches and misses.

This game has some interesting techniques used in it. First, all of the different card faces are on only 1 image. This lets the cards load very quickly and take up less bandwidth. Next is the communication between them and the game. I’m working on a few other projects that need to use these same protocols, so this is the first product released with the new protocols. It really helps save on resources too.

I had mentioned before that Adz Childs suggested that my memory game should allow two players to play against each other. After I had blogged about my encounter, he sent a baby block example of how to map an image containing many images to a single face. Unfortunately, I had already created my own methods by time he sent it too me. However, it was interesting to compare his work to mine. He had even sent me a few image maps as well for childrens blocks.

Along with the block came a notecard explaining who Adz Childs was. In the end, it mentioned that he was the person behind SLNameWatch.com an had a personal blog as well. I’ve heard of the name watch website before, I just didn’t know that he was behind it. His blog reflects how much fun he gets when playing around with a list of names and statistics.

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