Pick a card!

Adz Childs and his friend, Sokmunky Rutabaga, were two young children avatars wandering around my shop. Adz had sent me an instant message asking how I was doing. I arrived and found that they were having trouble understanding how to play the memory game. After showing them how it is played, Adz had a request. Make it a two player game.

Usually memory (or cencentration) is played with a deck of 52 playing cards. You may match pairs of black numbers and red numbers. Their are variations of it as well.

To get started, I had to work with mapping a single image of 52 cards, 2 wild cards, and a card back. Mapping a single image is a bit of an exciting challenge to me. In addition, it really helps bring down the lag since people only have to download 1 image instead of 55 images. (Really neat, huh?).

The next step will be to have a deck of cards that will rez 52 cards face down. The deck will check the parcel to make sure 52 prims are available before rezzing. Afterwards, I’ll set the cards up to start talking with the deck to determine if they should be flipped, what value to display, and then disappear if they match.

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  1. […] that my memory game should allow two players to play against each other. After I had blogged about my encounter, he sent a baby block example of how to map an image containing many images to a single face. […]

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