Money Maker

Well, I think everyone is getting a little fed up with how all of the available money trees work in-world. In fact, I got a request from a friend of mine to make something similar, but with different features. Well, I’m ditching the whole money tree theme all together. I’m getting right at the heart of it and creating a “Money Maker” machine.

I’ve created my own currency to spit out of a little box. The textures will be template driven and customizable. For example, the four bills here and the machine use the same image template. With some fine trickery of mapping textures on each face, I am able to get the benefit of only downloading 1 image for all five objects. I think a lot of people would love to have the money maker fit within their own stores theme a bit better then having a giant tree setting inside the store.

I’ve got much more in features to come, but I can’t reveal all of my secrets just yet. So get ready world, a new machine is comming out soon to help make money and attract visitors.

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