New Product: Who Was Here?

My wife had asked me to make her a script a while back that would tell her who was visiting her property and when. It had to be simple to use and simple to understand. What I came up with was an object that recorded the last 10 people who dropped by as well as the time. When she gave the command, it would last each person with the time that they came by – formatted in Eastern Time (including daylight savings).

She has used it quite often and had even asked me to give a copy to a friend of hers. Since I see a demand for it, I have packaged it up into a nice product. Here is the information that I have listed with it.

Who Was Here?

This product allows you to keep track of the last ten visitors to your parcel. It records the time as well in the Eastern Timezone (including daylight savings). This product was originally created as a script to be placed into an obscure object.

You can take the script out of the object as well and drop it into another object (such as a plant) somewhere else.

In order to get a list of people who came by, the owner can touch the object, or type “/1 who”. A list of each visitor is displayed in an easy to read format. The results are sorted by the date they were last seen in descending order:

1. Dedric Mauriac – Saturday, August 2, 2008 3:13 AM
2. Lewie Nabob – Thursday, July 31, 2008 6:28 PM
3. Alice Spire – Saturday, July 26, 2008 12:55 PM

The scanner runs every 20 seconds to see if anyone is within 30 meters fo the object. If more than 10 visitors have come by, the oldest entries are removed from the list.

Background Information

Korii Tiger had asked me to create a script for her tho detect when people came around to her property. She had a stalker that was known to keep comming around with different alt accounts that she had recognized. The script had to be simple to use and easy to understand.


1.2 – Added touch feature
1.1 – Reduced range to 30 meters
Increased rate to 20 seconds
Removed “Dedric Mauriac” from being able to see list
Include owner in visitors list
1.0 – Initial Development

Permissions: Modify, Transfer
Prims: 1
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