New Product: Memory Game

I created this product about 8 months ago to get more eyeballs looking at my products. It’s been a fun game. You can buy it through, SL Exchange, OnRez or in-world. Here are the details that I list with it.

This is a solitary game of memory (also known as concentration, pelmanism, and pairs). Each player has five minutes to find as many matches as they can. They choose two panels. If the two images match, then they remain on the board and the player gets a point. If the player did not find a match, the two panels hide each image. If all of the images are found, and time is still left on the board, the images are hidden and shuffled to allow the player to keep going. As the game progresses, players may remember where previous images were located to help them make a match when finding a new card of the same pattern.

The game is played on a six by six board with 18 sets of images to match up. This game allows players to compete with each other to have the best score of the hour, day, week and month. If a player gets a higher score then a previous player, the previous player is notified and encouraged to come back.

The game comes with 18 images by default that players will see. The owner of the game may add additional images and remove the default images. It can make for a great marketing item by allowing potential customers to match images of products that you sell. This may introduce them to new products that they may not have been aware of.

There are a few configuration parameters that may be setup in a note card, but the default values will allow you to get up and running just fine.

Game Time

This represents how long a game will last for. The default value is five minutes.

Game Break

This represents how long other players must wait before they can play another game. Once a game is over, the game will appear to be inactive. This gives others a chance to start playing when they see the timer counting down to the next game.

Card Back

This is the image that will be displayed when the matching images are not revealed. The default value is f7abf4fa-9f7b-12b6-bb48-d399b6c504ae. You can set this value to represent your stores logo or any other image.

To get the Asset UUID of an item:

  • Locate the image in your inventory.
  • Right-mouse-click to show the context menu
  • Choose “Copy Asset UUID” (this option will be grayed out if you do not have full permissions)
  • Find a note card
  • Press [CTRL] + [V] or [CMD] + [V] To paste the Asset UUID

You should now have a universally unique identifier (UUID) printed out. You can use this UUID to identify the item in your inventory. No other item in the Asset Server will have the same UUID.


I created this game as a tool to advertise my products to visitors who came by. In addition, I also had set up a separate game to advertise different SL Podcasts. I have some regulars who play the game each day, as well as new folks who like to try it out every now and then.

History 1.2 – Fixed high-score period to be based on SL Time.
– Created symbols for the pairs to match.
1.1 – Removal of payout rewards
1.0 – Initial creation

Transfer, Modify (Scripts are no-mod)
Prims 51
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