New Product: Wyrd Wall Clock

I made this clock a long, long time ago. It’s initial purpose was to help me identify when my region-map was last captured on the main grid, and to determine how long each map takes to be refreshed. The idea was to just take up enough space to show up as one pixel each (1 meter x 1 meter for each pixel). I don’t know if it just took too long to render, or that they never showed up anyway.

The project took a whole new direction when Sorceress Starbrook came by. I shunk it down for her to see my silly clock. It goes along great along side a silly blinken lights message.

Here is the product description as I list it on many storefronts.

This wall clock allows you to count the number of lights that are lit. You will be able to read the date and time in the UTC timezone. Each number is separated by color. The colors are randomly chosen. If you touch the clock, a new set of random colors will be displayed. Every ten seconds, a new pattern of lights will appear.

If it gets too hard to figure out the date and time, you can hover your mouse over the clock until you get a tool-tip with the clocks description. The description is updated once a minute to reflect the time.


The first pair of numbers on the top row represent the hour. 2 cubes representing 0, 1 or 2 and 9 cubes representing 0 through 9. A 24 hour clock ranges from 00 to 23.


The last pair of numbers on the top row represent the minutes. The first represetns 0 through 5, where the second number represents 0 through 9. This permits a full range of 00 to 59.


The first pair of numbers on the bottom row represents the month. The first is either lit or unlit to represent 0 and 1. The second number ranges from 0 through 9 giving a range of 01 to 12.


The last pair of numbers on the bottom row represents the day of the month. The first represents 0 through 3, and the second is 0 through 9. This gives a range between 01 and 31.

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