Well, I’ve known about this little service for a long time now. I’ve been avoiding it because I wanted to setup my own service. However, times have changed and my focus is on other things rite now.

The idea behind this service is that you may keep your customers informed in one-way communications without having them join an actual in-world group. Residents of Second Life are limited to 25 groups, and they shop at more stores then I can shake a nuclear bomb at.

Residents simply come to a location where you have setout a kiosk and touch it to join the group. The folks who provide this product even give you a free little robot that will detect visitors at your shop and suggest to them that they can subscribe. Visitors can touch the kiosk again to leave. As a controller of the group, I am able to send out messages along with notecards, and anything else I can stick into its inventory.

Everything is stored in a database on the web. They have nice reporting capabilities and even tell me if I’m doing well with the signups per clicks. Well, if anyone would like to try it out, come on down to my shop and touch the kiosk.

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3 Responses to Subscribe-o-matic

  1. I have a 2/3 finished system like this as well. Never came around to but the final touches to it. So many things to do, so little time…

  2. I’m trying to go through my inventory and package up a ton of stuff that I never put on the market. It’s crazy how many half finished projects I tend to have laying about in there.

  3. Apparently they have an affiliate program. One of the people contacted me to tell me that they were extending my subscription by a month after they discovered my blog post about it. Now that is amazing. Rather then being reactive, they are proactive to their customers. In addition, the person mentioned that the pricing structure of the subscriptions will change soon as well.

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