New Product: Mini Countdown Timer


Counts down minutes and seconds remaining.


This handy little countdown timer allows everyone to see how much time is remaining, down to the last second. It is great for gameshows and timed competitions. Once the timer goes down to zero, it stops. It can be reset to start again, paused, as well as continue where it had been left off.

The owner of the timer is able to setup an access list to determine who may operate the min countdown timer. This can be assigned by the group, individual names, or public so that anyone can operate it. The following options are available.

Set Time

Set the time to start the timer. If the counter is in the middle of counting down, then it will stop. The timer is initially setup with five minutes and zero seconds.

A message will be displayed asking the person to say the time out loud in the following format (mm:ss). A timer for 8 minutes and 15 seconds would be setup by saying “8:15”. Although you may set times well beyond 99 minutes and 59 seconds, it is recommended to specify values less then 100 minutes to prevent confusion.


Starts counting down each second. If the mini countdown timer had recently been stopped during the count-down, it will continue where it had left off.


Stops counting down. The mini countdown timer continues to display the amount of time remaining before it was stopped.


This feature will stop the timer from counting down. The time is reset to the original time that had been setup with the mini countdown timer using the “Set Time” button. If you had previously set the timer to 8 minutes and 15 seconds, the reset feature will stop the count down and display 08:15 on it’s display.

You may customize the look of the mini countdown timers colors and size to fit within your environments theme.

Background Information

This mini countdown timer was created for Catastrophe Supermarine. She had found me through my You-Tube video as I was demonstrating the big wheel from The Price is Right. Catastrophe is interested in games in second life and needed a product that would count down from three minutes to zero. The countdown timer supported this feature, but other feature requests called for a slimmed down version of it with game shows as the primary focus.


1.2 – Initial Public Offering
1.1 – Working with Images
1.0 – Beta


Transfer, Modify (Scripts are no-mod)


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