Google Proxy and SL Google Appliance

Well, my friend SignpostMarv Martin came through for me. He pointed me in the direction of how to query the Google appliance for regions.

I found that some regions would actually return multple results. Working with the query, I modified it to only search pages with “Woodbridge Region” in the title. When “Region” was added as a suffix, this made the difference.

SignpostMarv and I went over many different scenarios as I ran into some problems. The main problem was that I could not search against the secondlife search appliance with scripts. The lindens blocked access to for LSL scripts. He was full of ideas suggesting that I create web services to store information such as a regionName2key script to find out new region names. My heart was set on keeping everything running in-world without my need to do anything.

After a while of chatting with him, he said that is friend suggested using the Google Wireless Transcoder. Wouldn’t you know it? It was perfect!

I received an invitation to meet SignpostMarv Martin over at Hippotropolis. There I met his friend, Trinity Coulter. She was doing similer research attempting to query against the second life google search appliance.

As we chatted away, I was trying different methods to parse my results and verify that the results were accurate. I fell into one problem where searching “Rose” would return many regions. Searching “Rose Region” also returned the same number of regions. Trinity suggested that I could search against both “Rose Region” and “Region: Rose”. That was it!

I now have a small script that can query against the linden’s search engine to find Region ID’s.

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