Business Planning and Improvement Workshop Series

I received a notice from Fleche Xeno about a business workshop. I’ve talked with Fleche before as he was one of my team mates when we won the 1 Million L$ Idea contest by OSRAM. Outside of the contest, Fleche was into business development and consulting. He’s also a commedian. Perhaps some of his sense of humor will rub off onto my comic strip skills.

I’ve decided to go ahead and sign up for his workshops. With his permision, I’m also posting the information that he sent my way about it.

Business Planning and Improvement Workshop Series

(Voice Enabled-One Way) Designed for store, club land owners, and mall operator.

A hands-on classroom lecture and workshop for;

  • content creator who wants to start a business
  • business owner who wants to maximize their business potential
  • struggling business that wants to improve its business for profitability.

This six week of class will help the attendants plan and create a business model, or fix existing business, according an individualized business plan. This class will give you a road map to profitability, you will have a mentor and your classmates to help you execute the necessary changes.

F(x) Marketing, Retail Lab, Merc, Hellspar (35, 175, 21)

Classes and focus;

  1. Business planning, profit model (7/27 Sun 8amSLT, 7/29 Tues 4pmSLT, 7/31 Thur 7pmSLT)
  2. Marketing, promotion, and advertising (8/3 Sun 8amSLT, 8/5 Tues 4pmSLT, 8/7 Thur 7pmSLT)
  3. A. Retail and Merchandising (8/10 Sun 8amSLT, 8/12 Tues 4pmSLT, 8/14 Thur 7pmSLT)
    B. Service-based Business (8/9 SAT 8amSLT, 8/11 Mon 4pmSLT, 8/14 Wed 7pmSLT)
  4. Building long-term customer relationship (8/17 Sun 8amSLT, 8/19 Tues 4pmSLT, 8/21 Thur 7pmSLT)
  5. Data-tracking, metrics, and profitability report (8/24 Sun 8amSLT, 8/26 Tues 4pmSLT, 8/28 Thur 7pm SLT)
  6. Business Review, expansion planning, and staffing. (8/31 Sun 8amSLT, 9/2 Tues 4pmSLT, 9/4 Thur 7pm SLT)

The same class is scheduled 3 times a week, at different times. You attend any one of the three class in the schedule week for your convenience.

  • Sunday Morning – 8am.
  • Tuesday Afternoon – 4pm.
  • Thursday Night – 7pm.

Class attendance limited to 5 person. Pre-registration is required. IM Fleche Xeno for questions and registration.

Each individual class is 1499L. The entire series is 7999L and represents a saving of 1000L. This is also a substantial saving over the typical consulting fee which runs over 8000L a week.

F(x) Marketing, Retail Lab, Merc, Hellspar (35, 175, 21)

Fleche has accompanied us to help and start our new business. Starting from zero, till the business we have now.

Within 1 month, he helped us set up a store, helped us search for the best vendors to sell our ASCII gestures. He gave us ideas and helped to plan for a grand opening. Fleche has a huge network of people to help and advise him, he knows his way around in SL. He’s always able to help us out with anything (explaining to a real “newbie starting with a business” how to box & bundle items and sell them on SLexchange).

Even after our business contract was finished, he helps us further with advice and his commercial thoughts and ideas. For example: how to set up things our own land (streaming, access list, textures on the land when someone makes their picks on your land) …showing us how to see what traffic you have at your land/store…. He’s always willing to explain why things should be arranged in a certain way (“put your store at first in Picks, so people get their interest in your business and teleport from there”).

When you ever want to talk to us personally about the work he has done for us, you can IM : Bernice Kappler & Areal Payne.

Bernice Kappler, B&A ASCII Gestures

If you are interested, just contact Fleche Xeno in-world.

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