Setting the count

I got a message from Gistya Eusebio asking how to set my visitor counter to start at a number of their choosing. They had an old visitor counter that they had to reset, and wanted the new one to start at 2500.

I hadn’t added that feature before. I had an import/export process setup to make it easier to upgrade between versions while retaining the list of residents who were already counted. Gistya did try importing but mentioned that the import froze up midway. Hmm… I haven’t tried it with over 2,500 users. It should support roughly 5,000 visitors unless they have an older model.

Adding a command to setup the initial count was pretty simple. The only problem is that visitors who were counted in the past would have been forgotten. The visitor counter is a “unique” visitor counter. This brings the visitor counter to version 1.13.

With metrics on my mind, I think I’m going to start looking into my reporting services again. The main thing that was holding me back was working on an encryption algorithm called XTEA. Everything else is pretty strait forward once the encryption protocol is in place.

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