A message from Fay

I received this note from Fay about this past weekends main Relay for Life event.


Is there anyway you could get this thank you note from me to the communities of SL. They worked so hard in supporting us with their time and energy. *smiling* They deserve more! Anyway, thank you for helping me to thank them.


OH! Preliminary results show we raised 200,000.00 USD – coolness huh?

Thank you

On behalf of the Teams, Team Captains, Mentors, and Planning Committee, of Relay For Life of Second Life 2008, I extend a heartfelt and soul shaking thank you to the residents of Second Life for your support and participation.

Thank you so very much for making our cause your cause. Thank you for reaching out to us with arms of support and friendship. Thank you for your understanding and sense of humor as we bumped our way down the fundraising path. Thank youfor your tolerance of our growing pains.

Thanks to you,Relay For Life of Second Life 2008, has ended an outstanding season. You were the punch in our swing at cancer so – please join us in our shout of joy – TAKE THAT CANCER!

See you next year, July 18 and 19; we’ll be looking for you,

Fayandria Foley-McDunnough
event chair
Relay For Life of Second Life 2008

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