Going the distance

With the new building limits extended to 4000 meters, my sim teleporters were breaking down with stack heap collisions. The speed of the teleporters compared with most is done with calculating the movement before it moves, and then jumping all at once to avoid script delays. This was fine for the old limit(768?). A temporary work-around for now is to jump for every 75 calculations (about 750 meters). Anyone going above the old limits now has a brief pause of about two to three seconds. Going the full distance (4000 meters) takes roughly 15 seconds. Any other teleporter is still way too slow compared to mine, but I still want to make it faster. I have a few ideas on that as well.
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One Response to Going the distance

  1. Fae Dama says:

    My Friend Louise Rumpler (inventor of Pong and the Peek-a-Who) has invented a great teleporter for 4000m, we are testing it now. It should be ready for mass production any day. She is also working on a great new game too, but it’s a surprize 😉

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